With the cold weather, here, kids need to ensure that they are being kept warm. There is an old wives’ tale that kids, in particular babies, do not need to bundled up as it is thought that their bodies will keep them warm no matter the layers they have. This could not be more false! This does not mean that you must avoid going outdoors this winter, as there are several outdoor activities that your entire family may want to participate in such as ice skating, sledding, snowboarding and skiing are all winter activities to enjoy!

So, what can you do to ensure that your kids are protected when they head outside? Here are a few tips for cold weather protection for kids!

  1. winterDress appropriately! This cannot be overstated enough. You will want to ensure kids have their heads and ears covered, along with thick jackets, gloves, and the like. A great idea is to buy cold weather clothing that is water proof that is worn over your regular clothes for even more layers!
  2. Always check on your kids while they are outside. If their mittens become wet or their noses get extremely red, then it is time to come inside for a bit of warmth.
  3. Be cautious of injuries that often happen with those winter outdoor activities. Most hospitals are seeing more head injuries, broken limbs and neck injuries from skiing, snowboarding and the like. However, if kids are being properly monitored and know safety rules when playing these sports, they are going to be safer.
  4. Put sunscreen on your kids when they go out, the snow is going to reflect the sunlight, which can lead to severe sunburns.
  5. Ensure that if your kids are playing sports outdoors such as skiing or snowmobiling, this winter, they are wearing helmets and googles to avoid injury.
  6. Be on the lookout for frostbite. Frostbite is categorized by an area that is very cold and it turns white or yellowish gray. If you see this, then get your child to a medical professional immediately!

While the weather may be cold outside, keep in mind it is still great for kids to get a little outdoor time. The flu and other illnesses run rampant during this time of the year since so many people stay indoors where it is warm and these germs are thriving. So not only can a little outdoor winter play time be fun, it could be good for your kids as well!