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We have one Open House per month on a Saturday.

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What to Expect at the Open House

Our Open House’s are a great way to get a lot of information about our dacyare school in a quick and concise manner. Marlene, the owner will be there to guide you around our childcare school and answer your questions. It is a great time to look around, kick the tires as it were, and ask as many questions as you like in a quiet and self paced environment.

Bring your child or not. Ask a lot of questions or just quietly look around, reading our information signs. It is up to you. Have a coffee and chat with the owner or principal. Our Open House is your way of getting a first look at our daycare school.

If you want something more one on one. Or you want to see 2000 Days Pre-Kidnergarten in action then we would suggest you book a private tour by scrolling down a bit and choosing a day that works for you.

Is There Anything You Need To Do Before The Open House?

Honestly, no, just show up. But if you want you can write down or think about questions that are important to you. Many families have some specific questions that concern their child or family. There are also those families that come in not sure what to ask. But we are sure that by the end of the open house you will have a lot of questions and hopefully come away knowing a lot more about us.

We look forward to seeing you and getting to know you family. We hope that one day your family will become our family. Thanks and see you soon!

Option #2: Book Private Tour

Just select a time that works for you to setup a private tour of our daycare school.


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  • Bringing your child is mandatory. We want to meet your child and see if we are a great fit for your family
  • Maximum of 1 hour. If you need more time please book another tour or come to our Open House