What is the one thing that most parents complain about? While most may respond with lack of sleep or not enough hours in the day, think about the last time you were rushing to get ready in the morning and get the kids to daycare. Did you feel as though you were going to lose your mind? Did you feel a bit agitated? This is common, and most parents have been in this situation. In fact, many parents experience this every day of the week when they are trying to get out the door.

A common scenario in the average home: One child needs to get to school, you have just spilled coffee all over your work shirt, the vehicle keys are nowhere to be found, and your youngest may be throwing a fit because they cannot find their favorite stuffed animal. When this is your typical morning, no wonder you have a lack of patience. The goal in this situation is to get everything under control, to calm the anger and feelings and learn to deal with these issues with patience. Here are a few tips that all parents need to read!

1.Don’t put yourself down, give yourself some credit.

While it may be easy to berate yourself about the ways you may have screwed up and lost your temper, remember to give yourself credit. Getting through a stressful event, despite how you handled it, give yourself some credit! Parenting is hard, and you need to acknowledge that, and take credit for getting the kids fed, out the door and fully clothed in clean clothing.

2.Utilize some problem-solving skills.

What is it that goes wrong each morning that makes you crazy? How could you make everything run more smoothly? This is the period in which you need to figure out what you could change to get everything back on track and running smoothly again.

3.Be sure to communicate.

parentsIn the off chance that you did lose your temper with your children, be sure to communicate this to them. It lets kids know that even you are not perfect, and shows how you should deal with intense situations that may have gotten out of hand. Then explain what is going to change to ensure that mornings or other times of the day run smoothly!
For Calgary parents, morning routines may be huge stressors in their lives, and we get that, as we are parents too. The most important element to remember: we all make mistakes as parents, own up them, learn from them and make a change!