2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Daycare School

A look at our childcare center and what makes it special

Our state of the art facility is located a minute from Chinook Mall, 5 minutes from downtown and a 10 minute walk from Chinook Station LRT. We have a certified cleaning staff that cleans the school nightly to make sure your little ones are playing in a clean environment. We do maintenance and have a budget to make sure the school is always in shape and safe. We are always improving the facility by updating and changing things. We want our building to be the gold standard for other centres.

Some highlights to mention:

  1. Family Oriented and Family Run
  2. 5600 square foot standalone building all on one level. No stairs or other business in the way.
  3. 2100+ square foot attached and secure outdoor area
  4. Every room gets a lot of daylight with multiple windows
  5. Garden to grow our own food
  6. Secure building with automated FOB key door (like some condo buildings)
  7. Parent room for you to come and hang out. Come visit and see your child
  8. 5 minute walk from a large green space
  9. A gym room for cold days, rain or just to dance
  10. 10 minute walk from Chinook Station LRT
  11. 5 minute drive to downtown
  12. Kitchen on-site so our chef makes fresh, nutritious meals

We strive everyday to give your child the best 2000 days we can. As we are a family we focus on families. Your child is like our own. We want a balanced, well rounded child that will be social, smart and happy. Isn’t that what all parents want?