New Year

The weather in Calgary is getting brisker and the leaves are turning yellow. You know what that means–welcome to the new school year!

Even though 2000 Days is a daycare, it feels like a school in many ways. One of those ways is the fresh start in September. The teachers have been cleaning, organizing, and planning a new curriculum, and after Labour Day, the students will be wearing uniforms again. And, most importantly, many of the students will be moving up into an older classroom!

Over the summer, the oldest students in each class have been having ‘transition days’. The two-year-olds in PK1 have been exploring PK2. The three-year-olds in PK2 have been getting to know the teachers in PK3. And the four-year-olds in PK3 have been getting to know their new friends in PK4.

Because some families are on holiday or travelling outside Calgary, the pace is a bit more relaxed. This allows the students to gradually get used to the idea of changing classes. They feel brave and excited as they get a chance to see their new rooms and find out about the projects and toys the older students are playing with. They can form new relationships while they still have the safety of returning to their familiar teachers and younger classmates.

Child care is built on two things: routines and trust. With gradual transitions, the students get both. They learn about their new routines slowly, without disrupting their days. They trust that they will be missed in their old classroom, and welcomed in their new classroom.

So although our program is a daycare, not a school, the children still get to learn some of the same lessons they’ll face when moving up to kindergarten. We hope that your children–whether they’re moving up or staying in the same room–will be excited for all the new projects that September brings!