Music is known for bringing about intense feelings, and in kids it can be a great teaching tool. That is why here at 2000Days we utilize ABC Music & Me developed by Kindermusik International. Why did we choose this program? For various reasons, including:

  • It was specifically designed for kids from birth to seven years of age
  • The music is meant to encourage kids to interact with what they are hearing
  • Their program has long been shown to help encourage independence and learning among children

The program not only introduces kids to the music, but it also introduces kids to various instruments that have been proven to be age appropriate.

Why Music?


Ultimately, music is going to enhance the way that a child is learning. A recent study at Harvard Medical School found that kids who are surrounded with music over a long period of time states that the brain function changes and enhances over time. In addition, the same study pointed out that kids who have musical activities are seen with better brain function and development versus those children who were not surrounded by music.

It is for this reason that we embraced this program at 2000Days. The program has seen results when it is used 30 minutes a week on a routine basis. However, here at 2000Days, we use this program much more than this. Furthermore, we allow parents to download songs so that they too can have this at home for their children to listen to and have fun!

Aside from the Kindermusik program, we also encourage our teachers to play music whenever they feel it is needed. Music can be used to energize kids once they get to our classroom, it can be a soothing way to get kids to take naps and it can turn fun time into a time to get physically fit and active!

Overall, music is a core component of life, and we want all our kids at 2000Days to embrace all that music has to offer them!