Montessori & 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten Philosophies:
You Can Have It All

Some of the families that come to our daycare school in Calgary come from a Montessori program. They always ask what the difference is and if one is better. A lot of our families have looked at Montessori programs and then find our child care center. They love our philosophy and academics mixed with play. Many Montessori children come to 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten and thrive. We love Montessori and incorporate the style into our program. Let’s take a closer look at both.

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten

Any Montessori

  • A curriculum that is built on tried and true methods from all over the world
  • A teacher led and child-centric educational approach with a scaffold to guide children to learning
  • Using children’s interests we plan their week and guide them to learning and fun
  • Many extra curricular activities like yoga, dance, sports
  • 6-9 months of extra training on observation and our teaching methods
  • For more information on our philosophy and methods, click here
  • A well developed, 100 year old teaching style for children created by Maria Montessori
  • Child-centric educational approach that gives children choice and options
  • Discovery approach to learning where children are guided and not instructed
  • Use special materials created by Maria Montessori
  • 3 hours of work blocks to get work done
  • For more information on the Montessori philosophy and methods, click here

As you can see, our methods are similar in many ways. Both our philosophies teach and let the child lead while our teachers are the guides. But if you asked us directly what are the main differences we would have to say the following:

  • More learning while playing. We train our teachers to find learning moments throughout the day. We like to say we “trick” your child into learning
  • More teacher and less students. That gives our teachers more time to teach and care for your child
  • 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten just has more. Montessori is a method 100 years old. We are improving our program and adding fun and de-stressing activities like yoga, dance, sports and cooking
  • We are family run with your child in mind. We can make changes that benefit your family and we are not swayed by any one philosophy. We picked the best teaching methods and use them

Those are just a few of the highlights that stick out. Our daycare school uses Montessori methods in our daily activities and teaching. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Your child can have it all. Come for an open house¬†or book a private tour. We would love to talk to you and answer all your questions.