With the holidays approaching, chances are you will be going on a trip to see family or friends, and will be taking your children with you. Traveling with children can be an experience…one that many parents would not wish on their worse enemies. However, there are a few ways what you can make this car trip with your kid’s fun, and one that will avoid the parents feeling as though they should rip their own hair out!

What are some of the common problems with taking a short or long journey in a car with kids? If you have more than one child, be prepared for the arguing that may take place. There are a few lucky parents who do not have this issue. But, most parents who have more than one child find that car trips are when the kids argue the most. Why is this? It is a compact space, something that is unfamiliar, and kids are often cranky by the time this trip rolls around. In addition, be prepared for more stops than if you were doing this on your own, a few spilled drinks along the way, and kids asking the timeless class, “Are we there yet?”.

tripTo help prepare you for the road trips that may be coming, here are a few travel tips that can make this easier on you and make it fun for the kids as well:

  1. Allow for extra time as this is going to allow you to still get to your destination on time, and allow for the kids to take their time.
  2. Have some planned activities for your kids during this car ride. A great option is to download some kid friendly apps and let your little ones play with these. Also, have a few family games ready if you hit traffic and are delayed.
  3. Have snacks ready, but don’t just pack sweets. Sweets will get the kids hyped up even more, which in the long run can make this car trip harder. Instead, pack healthy trail mixes and fruits for the kids to eat when they are hungry.
  4. If your kids are taking medicines or vitamins, be sure that you pack these with you and have them take these at their normal time. You do not want to deviate from their schedule too much.
  5. Always remember to pack baby wipes. Even if your children are passed the toddler age, baby wipes can be a lifesaver in any car trip!
  6. Let kids document this journey on their own. There are tons of kid friendly cameras out there, and kids can have a ball by putting these to use!

It is that time of year in which family trips are happening, the only thing you can do is to help ensure that your kids are having a great time, and plan your travel keeping your kids in mind!