healthy breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast for kids is vital! This is something that we have all been told throughout our entire lives, but for kids, a healthy breakfast can make a huge difference in how well they perform throughout the day. And parents, studies have also shown that you will function better if you eat a healthy breakfast rather than relying only on a glass of juice or a cup of coffee!

The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast for Children

For kids who eat a healthy breakfast, there are several benefits that have been found through various studies and monitoring kids. These benefits include:

  1. Those children who ate a healthy breakfast saw better academic performance. Teachers have been noted as stating that those children who do not have a healthy breakfast before they come to school are more likely to experience learning difficulties. In addition, those kids who eat a healthy breakfast receive better ratings on their standardized tests given by schools.
  2. Kids who do not skip breakfast every morning are more likely to make healthier eating choices throughout the day. This is because they are not starving their bodies as many people do, which results in overeating and eating sugary foods or those that are high in fat.
  3. Allows children to get the vitamins and minerals they need. Many children who skip breakfast are lacking several vital vitamins and minerals in their diet. However, those children who do eat a healthy breakfast have another chance of getting these vital supplements into their body naturally.

Healthy Breakfast Choices Kids Love: Be Creative

The best breakfast choices are going to be things like cereal or whole-grain breads, fruits, eggs, yogurt and milk. These are great choices for kids. But, for many kids the idea of eating these types of fruits are boring. So, what can you do? We have some creative choices to make these options a fun choice and one that your child will ask for!

  1. breakfastSmiley Face Pancakes: Utilizing whole wheat pancakes, add in fruit to make a face. A suggestion: strawberries and blueberries for the eyes along with a banana for the mouth. Kids are going to love this fun and goofy breakfast that is good for them as well!
  2. English Muffin Egg Pizzas: What kid doesn’t love pizza? This recipe utilizes hard cooked eggs, an English muffin, mozzarella cheese and a tomato. Get the recipe here.
  3. Oatmeal with Berries: This is a quick and easy recipe that kids will love. Take oatmeal, cook as you normally would and add a pinch of brown sugar for sweetness. Combine their favorite berries in the oatmeal. healthy breakfastWhen served with a glass of milk, this is delicious
  4. Breakfast Popsicles: A great option for a hot and steamy morning! The recipe can be found here.
  5. Breakfast Burrito with Banana: This is not your typical breakfast burrito that parents would eat. Instead, this is a tortilla covered with peanut butter (or the butter of your choice, almond butter is a great option), slice a banana and lay this on the peanut butter. You can sprinkle this with nuts, more berries or even raisins. Roll up and enjoy!

As parents, we know that it can be hard to get your child a healthy breakfast that they are going to want to eat. But, several of these ideas can be made the night before, and then heated the next morning, which can save you time!