When you search online for ideas about how to reward good behavior in children and punish the bad behavior, one of the most common ideas is to use Good Behavior Rewards, with charts. These charts are meant to give your child a visual to show just how well they have been acting, along with how much further they must go to get a reward. Have you been considering something like this? If so, chances are you have a few questions. Today, we are going to look at these good behavior reward systems and whether they are the best choice for you or not.

Good behavior is expected from children. While we all know that they are going to get hyper from time to time, and until they are told right from wrong, they are going to do things that we may not agree with. However, many parents feel as though they must use some sort of system to encourage good behavior. In fact, many school teachers utilize this system in their classrooms as well, with prizes being a few extra minutes of outdoor play or a special sweet treat.

How to Use Good Behavior Rewards

One of the best ways to utilize this method is to have a chart, you can easily find one online or even make one on your own. Set a number of check marks or special stickers that the child must get before they are given a reward. So, when do you give a reward? Many parents give these rewards when:[schema]

  1. They go through the day without any major conflict with siblings or the like
  2. If the child does something exceptional, such as help a parent do a little something
  3. When the child completes their chores for the day

The idea is to reinforce the good behavior. You are not taking away these rewards when there is bad behavior, but the child learns that rewards are not given when they are acting up or not abiding by the rules.

What Rewards can be Given?

There are several reward ideas that parents have used since this system became so popular. For example:

  • A special trip to the park
  • A movie night
  • Letting the child choose their favorite restaurant for lunch
  • Special cookies or candy that they normally do not get all the timerewards
  • For older kids, getting to have a sleep over with a friend

The ideas are endless, and you will find that there are several ideas online if you do get stuck.

Are these good behavior rewards something for you to consider? That is the question. We cannot make that decision for you. However, we can say that many people use this type of system, so it may be worth a try if you are wanting to encourage good behavior from children.