At 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten, getting ready for the holidays can be both exciting and overwhelming. This past weekend, all the students participated in our daycare’s Winter Recital. It’s a wonderful chance for parents and grandparents to see their little ones showing off their moves. For the students, though, it can be a little scary! Fortunately, parents are invited to support their children on the stage, and teachers are always there to help lead the singing and dancing.

 The whole daycare turned out for this wonderful event. It was a frosty Saturday morning in Calgary as we gathered at the venue. The halls were decked with students’ holiday artwork. Everyone was wearing their best and brightest clothes. The youngest students in PK1 were given the important responsibility of waving jingle bells. For my one-year-old son, the highlight of the event was “Juice!”–along with other delicious holiday treats like oranges, peppermint bark, and shortbread cookies. All in all, it was a very festive occasion–Santa even turned up to hand out gifts.

 The teachers at 2000 Days do a wonderful job of child care, and one of the ways they show it is by devoting part of their weekend to organizing, setting up, and leading the Winter Recital. They were just as enthusiastic as the children: dressed in corny Christmas sweaters and elf costumes, they were there for the students every step of the way. The Winter Recital was their way of wishing happy holidays to all our Calgary friends and family. As we wind down towards the daycare’s holiday break, we hope you enjoyed celebrating our special day!
3 babys with music instruments