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What are your tuition fees?

They can vary and it matters on age and what classroom they will be in. Please call us and we can discuss how our daycare school can benefit your child and how much that would cost.

What are your closures and/or important dates?

Please see our calendar and closure page here.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes we do**. We take most major credit cards at the school.
** Certain conditions apply.

Can I pay my first months tuition and security deposit online?

Yes you can**. Just follow this link to our Paypal page.
**Certain Conditions Apply.

Could we see a sample schedule for a classroom?

Click here to get a sample schedule and see what a typical day at 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten looks like.

Do you accept subsidy?

Yes we do. Find out how to apply and if you are eligible right here.

Can I make modifications to your menu and bring my own food?

Yes and no. You cannot modify the chef’s menu but you can bring ALL your own food. If your child has a very specific diet you must bring their breakfast, lunch and snack. We will substitute milk for rice milk, goat milk or other type of protein drink that you supply.

Is your child care facility safe and secure?

We use FOB keys for entry. This tracks and only lets in parents/staff that should have access. We have high definition cameras around the school. We have very stringent entry and pickup policies. Our school is all on one level and EVERY primary staff have their CPR. Criminal record checks, references and volunteer work are all part of our hiring process. Safety is one of our foundations to having a great school.

Are all your teachers certified?

We search far and wide for the best early childhood educators we can find. We do a stringent interview and then all potential teachers must volunteer one full day of their time. We call a minimum of three references, require a current criminal record check and train our teachers continuously during their time here.

Do you close for summer like other schools or daycares?

No. We are open all year round. Except for holidays and school closures. Our summer program is more exploratory and fun. The children still learn a lot but things are more outdoors and theme based.

My child has nut allergies what do you do to mitigate that?

We are 100% nut free and are sensitive to any allergies.

Do you feed our child?

Yes, we have a chef on staff that creates amazing and nutritious meals daily. We have vegetarian options. Check out of a sample of our chef’s creations here.

What is your philosophy, short version?

The first 2000 days of a child’s life a crucial. Knowing this we give them as many experiences as we can to stimulate them. We have a strong academic curriculum but also fun extra-curricular activities and much more. We want to develop a happy, balanced and intelligent child. And we do this with the focus on families!

How do you compare to other daycare’s in the area?

In short, we don’t. We are a school, not a daycare. We teach a rich and diverse curriculum. We have low ratios and the some of the best teachers around. We train our teachers yearly on the latest and best methods. Our facility is safe, nurturing and state of the art. We are the one and only place where academics, arts, sports, well-being and more are integrated daily!

Why do the first 2000 days matter?

What do you teach?

We have a very balanced curriculum that blends together academics and the arts. Click here to take a look.

What ages does your daycare school accept?

We accept children from ages 1 to 5 (Exceptions can be made if there is room and we discuss this ahead of time). Please ask us.

Where are you located?

5728 1 St SW, Calgary, AB, T2H 0E2. Take a peak at a map here.