competitive spirit

A competitive spirit is the idea that you want to win, and you are going to put forth the effort to do so. However, is encouraging the competitive spirit in kids the best thing we can do? There are professionals who believe that we should foster this, while others say that we should be fair when it comes to sports activities. What should we be doing?

Parents, if you have more than one child, consider the differences between them. There may be one who wants to make everything a race, from brushing their teeth to taking a shower, they always want to read. The other child may be a bit of a pacifist in that he or she simply wants to do what they do, no distractions or anyone bothering them. Does it mean that the child who has the more competitive spirit is going to do better in life? Not exactly.

What All Parents Should Strive For

When putting kids in sports, which starts at a rather early age, winning is great. But, it is just as important to accept a loss. Losing is a part of life as well, and we need to encourage kids to understand that they cannot win every time, that is simply fact. For this reason, participation trophies have become a huge deal in the sports world. We are in no position to state whether they are right or wrong. However, we do believe that it is important that every child feel as though they are appreciated for what effort they give. Otherwise, they may feel as though what they do is never good enough, which could lead to low self-esteem.[schema]

A Lesson We All Need to Learn about Competitive Spirit

competitive spiritWhile not every kid has competitive spirit, we could all learn a thing from those kids who take their time and are rather laid back: To stop and smell the roses so to speak. In the end, it is not about how great at sports a kid was, or whether they would rather watch the butterflies instead of the ball. It is about taking every situation and finding something that makes you happy!