Calgary daycare

For those who have children and live in the area, finding a Calgary daycare may seem like an impossible decision. After all, you want your children to be well cared for, you do not want to be worrying about your children while working, and you also want this to be an area in which your children feel safe and cared for. No parent wants to send their children to a daycare in which the child hates to go to. For parents who are looking, they are going to find that there are certain requirements that they should be looking for in a quality daycare within Calgary.

Corporate or Family Owned?

One of the first aspects to double check on a potential daycare is whether the daycare is family owned or is considered a corporation. Why does this matter? A corporate ran daycare is in this business for the money. They want numbers, as this is the only way that the daycare is going to make money. While on the other hand, a family based daycare is more about the kids, such as 2000 Days. With a family ran daycare, the focus is the child. In most cases, children are known on a first name basis, rather than simply being a number and a dollar sign. Our motto at 2000 Days is you are family here, and this is an important distinction when comparing Calgary daycare options.

What is the Curriculum?

board-784347_640Since your child is going to be away from you during working hours, you want to ensure that he or she is learning something, just as if you were home with them. That is why the curriculum of the daycare is a vital component to check out.  Does the daycare offer classes to the kids attending? Are these classes balanced between encouraging growth physically, mentally and emotionally? For example, 2000 Days offers yoga, math, science, dance and the like. The idea is to have a strong curriculum to have kids who not only love to learn but who are going to succeed in school once they are old enough to attend. We treat our child care as though this is a learning opportunity, and we strive to ensure that each child is getting the vital components of a successful education.

Communication via the Calgary Daycare

How is this daycare going to communicate with you about your child? You want a daycare that is going to constantly inform you of how your child is doing in all areas of the daycare. Many daycare facilities simply send a generic paper newsletter out to their kid’s parents, without giving any real personal information about the child. When this is the case, do you know what your child is doing while at the daycare? Do you know if there are any problems?

Therefore, the communication methods for the Calgary daycare must be taken into consideration. What should you expect? Every parent should expect to hear how their child is doing daily, along with what the child may be doing during the day. The use of technology in doing this should be state of the art. Newsletters going home once a week or month is very out of date. For example, 2000 Days utilizes HI HiMama.

HiMama is a software that allows for parents and the daycare to communicate daily about the child. It allows for daily reports of what the child did during the day at the daycare, along with education documents that can help the parent to keep on task with the child at home. It is the bridge between the daycare and the parents so that no child is struggling within the daycare.

Teacher Student Ratio

One of the other important aspects that all parents need to consider with every Calgary daycare that they consider is the teacher student ratio. This is the ratio of adults to children that are being cared for. We recommend finding a daycare that is going to have a low ratio number. This means that each student is getting more attention, which is what every parent wants their child. A high ratio is going to mean less attention, and more than likely, means that each student is simply a paycheck or number within the daycare. Here at 2000 Days, we have low ratios to ensure that each student gets the attention, care and education that we promise!

With the number of options that are out there for Calgary daycare institutions, we know that you have choices. However, know that not each daycare is going to be the equivalent of others on the market. As a parent, you need to do your research to find the best child care possible for your little one!