Toddler Programs with a Blend of Art & Science

Toddler programs are the ones which must be highly creative. There are two parameters which are important in the field of education. These are art and academics or the other names are science and art. With science we understand that the education industry has certain theoretical details which are to be learned and understood by the children as the objectives of the curriculum and art is for the ways of achievement of these objectives.

Arts: There are many activities related to arts like, drawing, painting, making crafts, etc. These are the activities with which they can learn the names of colors; they can remember the names of animals, birds, etc when they would draw these things themselves. They can also be made to learn the names of vegetables and other grocery items which make everyday vocabulary. This way the students can have wonderful vocabulary by means of art. Yes the job of the teacher is also important here as she should be able to implement it in order to get the desired results.

Activities: It is not necessary that learning can only be imparted with the help of speech or chart, rather audio-visual technique. There can be the philosophy of training also with which the children can be involved and made to do some activities and learn something by making some actions. For example, the teacher may play the role of the mother and the children should go to their mother and narrate a story or recite a poem for practice.

Toys: Toys are of many types. There are also educational toys with educational information written on it or made in different shapes. These toys become the favorite of the children too and they can learn from it as well. They come in different colors and color combinations with acute impact on the little minds of children. The educational toy industry is doing really well and contributing in the direction of consistent development of the children.

Games: Games can be well used for learning. There can be activities planned to make the learning possible. For example math is a subject which can be understood with the help of the games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. It can use balls, square shapes, sticks, etc to exhibit these concepts.

toddler programs fun and EntertainmentFun and Entertainment: The fun & entertainment along with learning is possible by associating the academic details with some funny concepts and examples. This makes learning easier as compared to the other pedantic ways of learning and it brings long lasting results and the children are capable of keeping the things in their minds for a long time and perform better since the beginning of their academic career.

So, toddler programs are quite challenging to be implemented and the pre-school has to be highly creative and conscious about such things. This is not possible to do it only when the core philosophy of the management goes with it. It strongly needs the support of the people working in it. Then only one can get the two different verticals of art and science come together successfully.