Our Creative Ways at Montessori Learning Center

Montessori Learning Center

At a Montessori learning center, one learns life skills and sets the foundation of life. The learning imparted and the skills transferred remain with the kids forever and therefore it is our responsibility that we put in our 100% towards the development of the kids whose responsibility we are taking. Creativity is a tool with which one can achieve bigger and better results. We have so many creative and innovative ways that enable us to add on in the learning and development of the kids.

Montessori Learning Center in first 2000daysFirst 2000 Days: There are various stages in life. Every stage has its own importance in terms of development and performance. The first crucial stage is the duration of 2000 days. This is in context of development of brain and we all know that development of brain in the first 5 years of life takes place for about 90%. We at our Montessori learning center have studied this and have developed certain techniques to interact with the kids and train them so that they can learn the most in these years.

Understanding Psychology: Consider a normal example regarding a child: whenever he goes to put his finger in the hole of the switchboard; we tend to stop him from doing so or we scare him or we cold him. Let me tell you the child has the curiosity to know about the things that are taking place in the surroundings and our behavior restricts him from doing so. So, we have this understanding that actions with the children should take place after having proper understanding of the psychology.

Nurturing Talent: It is believed that the talent can be understood in a child at an early stage also; as there are children who have inclination towards playing something or maybe towards studying something particular; for example: some child may sing so well, some may dance so nimbly, some may love numbers, some may be wonderful at giving expressions and speaking dialogues, etc. We understand these activities and help in letting them develop as talent by working in the favorable direction. Montessori Learning Center Academics with Activity

Academics with Activity: The activities must go in correspondence with academics whether the kids are interested or not. These activities even in learning can be innovated and the studies and learning of the syllabus can be made comparatively interesting. The activity word is made from the word active so this means that activities can make the kids active who are already more than active and therefore the concept of active academics will be much appreciated.

Training & Development: The training and development of the children go hand in hand with our creative ways in our Montessori learning center. The actual meaning of training is making the person do what you just ask them to do verbally and make the person experience the feel of it. With children it sometimes becomes very challenging sometimes it is quite manageable. But somehow we manage to get it done only and only with our surprising creative ways.