Extra-curricular Activities at Daycare Preschool

daycare preschool

A daycare preschool must be a wonderful place for children as they spend a lot of time there with their friends, teacher and lots of activities and differences that do not take place at home. But the child should ideally feel at home at a preschool. Thus, there has to be enough variety to tempt the children so that they remained entertained and they should not feel like going home out of boredom or any other discomfort. These extra activities are called as extra-curricular activities.

Drawing: Drawing is a very easy one at the stage of preschool. Children enjoy doing it with simple figures and filling colors in the shapes is more fun. They are not made to draw the shapes in these primary years but there is only coloring in the shapes already drawn. They are made to hold the stick of pencil or pen of color and they are taught to move their hands in a particular direction and how to identify the colors with the help of real objects.

Singing: Singing is obviously a great activity throughout the world and children enjoy it too by flowing in the heat of the emotions. It is a stress relieving activity which is good to offer a great variety in their routine. It can be with the help of poems or the songs of movies or religious prayers, etc. Songs are songs and music is music in which there is no chance of its not doing the right work in any case.

Painting: Painting is of many types. There are colors which can be conveniently used by children also and they can have the feel of doing painting. It is the charm of colors that has brought variety in the colors for children too and that too for the children studying in daycare preschool.

Dancing: Dancing is real and maybe more fun than singing; the teacher plays the music and the students are asked to dance like crazy and the way they want. But this free style dance should be just for some time and the students should be made to learn the steps also. It can be started with the help of poems also when the teacher makes the students make actions and give expressions.

Playing: Games are always a great fun for the children; be it indoor games or outdoor games, children enjoy them and both kinds of games have their importance. Outdoor games are a superb physical activity too. It is necessary for the balanced development of the child. It is so important at school particularly because there are chances that children may not be able to play outdoor games at home for various reasons.

Exercising: Exercising, by means of scheduled Physical Training sessions is a good option. It makes the student fit, active and happy. If this activity is carried always then the performance of the students academically in the teenage also is nice and the students suffers from mood swings lesser.