2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten can best be described as a daycare school or a child care school. Even a full time pre-school. What we want our potential families to know is that we are much more then a daycare. Let’s take a quick look at what we offer and what makes us special…
  1. Family oriented and family run. Your child is cared for and your family is NEVER a number
  2. Customized curriculum for ages one to five
  3. Low ratios so your child gets more attention and time
  4. Daily communication via a digital timeline and app that shows pictures, video, and so much more
  5. Safe building on one level that has camera’s everywhere and a secure front entrance
  6. A passion for teaching children in the first 2000 days of life. We know this time of their lives is important and want to give them the best
  7. 2000+ sqft backyard play area that is enclosed and secure
  8. Park across the road so our students can play larger sports and games
  9. Many extra-curricular activities that are just part of our curriculum (Playball, Jolly Phonics, Kindermusik and more!)
We strive everyday to give your child the best 2000 days we can. As we are a family we focus on families. Your child is like our own. We want a balanced, well rounded child that will be social, smart and happy. Isn’t that what all parents want?